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4 Unforgettable Features and Amenities at Maui Bay Villas, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club, According to Owners

Discover what Owners love about this Maui beachfront resort

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Maui is one of the top island destinations worldwide, topping travel bucket lists for travelers seeking unspoiled beauty and Hawaii’s spirit of aloha. Since its soft opening, Maui Bay Villas, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club, has welcomed Owners for their long-awaited stay, and it’s clear that the beachfront Maui resort is unforgettable. Here are the top four features Owners said they loved when reviewing Maui Bay Villas.          

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Four Things to Love About Maui Bay Villas

1. Pools Fit for Paradise

Maui Bay Villas is home to a resort-style super pool with relaxing hot tubs and a beachside pool for travelers seeking Zen. 

Laurie L., an HGV Max and Elite Premier Owner has had her sights set on Maui since she purchased Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare. So when she discovered booking had begun, she excitedly planned a visit with her significant other and another couple. 

“Each night, we spent time in the many hot tubs. The only problem was picking which one we should use,” shared Laurie. 

Lynsey W.’s family has been enjoying trips to Hawaii with Hilton Grand Vacations for more than 30 years and were some of the first Owners to stay at the new beachfront Maui resort.

The super pool, where there is something for everyone, was one of the family’s favorite amenities.

“The layout is so nice. It’s huge and includes a hot tub, waterslide and shallower pools for kids,” she said.

Pool goers seeking peace and relaxation can enjoy the beachside pool and soak up tropical bliss. 

“One of the best parts of my most recent trip was my departure day spent in the Maui Bay Villas beach pool. Having much of the day all to myself, I ended up delaying my flight so I could spend more time there swimming, lounging and enjoying the peaceful scenery,” shared Stephanie G., a Hilton Grand Vacations Owner since 2019.

2. Luxurious Cabanas for Lounging, Catching the Game and More     

Lynsey’s family also loved the cabanas — complete with an oversized couch, footrest, safe, fan, large TV and even a small refrigerator. “We were at the pool, and my dad planned to go back to the room to watch basketball. So I asked why he couldn’t watch the game at the cabana. He hadn’t realized that was an option!” she said with a laugh. 

Aerial view of stunning super pool complex, Maui Bay Villas, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Hawaii.    

From watching sports to reconnecting with loved ones and catching some well-deserved shut-eye, Maui Bay Villas’ cabanas provide the perfect poolside home base. 

Laurie and her travel crew saw the cabanas and immediately decided that their Maui vacation would include a cabana. 

“We got up early and took the water fitness class. Then, we walked around and picked out our cabana,” explained Laurie. 

“One of the guys said, ‘OK, I am ready for the day; I’ll sit in here.’ It was very early, but he seemed to really want that cabana. Later we found out that he wasn’t just being nice and saving the cabana for us. There was a stock car race that day, watching is what he had planned on doing. The rest of us spent the day exploring all the little spots of the pool.”

3. Mindful Design and Special Touches

The beachfront Maui resort sits on 27 acres of paradise, and Hilton Grand Vacations spared no detail creating an island escape for Owners

Hilton Grand Vacations Owner's image, beautiful outdoor seating, Maui Bay Villas, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Hawaii.    

“Everything was beautifully designed. All the special touches were impressive and meticulously planned and executed. The Suite I stayed in was amazing, and I immediately felt like I was stepping into my own gorgeous home — immersed in comfort and relaxation,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie also recalled beautiful lounge areas, endless pillows and creative outdoor seating as resort features that wowed her.

“There were couches and chairs available throughout the pool area,” agreed Laurie. “We just let them know which of the firepits we wanted to be lit at night.” 

Laurie explained that Hilton Grand Vacations’ signature hospitality extends beyond the pool, too. 

“The ocean is across the street from Maui Bay Villas, and since Hilton Grand Vacations owns the beach, it’s private access. There’s also a separate adults-only pool on the ocean and a very nice restaurant that I can’t wait to open,” she said. 

However, until the restaurant is open, Owners can enjoy complimentary morning snacks. 

“Every morning, a complimentary breakfast snack in the lobby consisted of muffins, breakfast sandwiches and juice. The breakfast was a nice touch,” said Laurie. 

4. Proximity to All the Island Offers

Hilton Grand Vacations Owner posing, picturesque waterfall, Maui, Hawaii.   

Maui is a perennially popular destination because of its long list of things to do and jaw-dropping views around each corner. Maui Bay Villas offers Owners and Guests easy access to once-in-a-lifetime island adventures. 

Laurie explained, “There’s so much to do on the island, and it’s hard to decide what to do. You’ll want a rental car while staying at Maui Bay Villas, but parking is complimentary. We drove the Road to Hana, an excellent driving tour and a must-do, especially if you have never done this. We’re also big fans of driving up the Haleakala volcano.” 

One of Lynsey’s favorite places was Paia, about 20 minutes from the resort. “With shopping, amazing restaurants and a fish market, Paia was an ideal place to get reacquainted with Maui’s local sights and tastes.”

Whether you embark on a Maui-style adventure or put your feet up in a poolside cabana, Maui Bay Villas provides an ideal place to call home during your Maui vacation. 

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