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Why My Family And I Love Vacation Ownership With Hilton Grand Vacations

The price, perks and possibilities are unparalleled

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The pool at SeaWorld Orlando, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club

A study from the Family Travel Association found that families want to vacation together. 85% of parents were likely to travel with their children in the next year, which is higher than in pre-pandemic years. However, this survey also found that families are interested in the best value for money, family-friendly accommodations and flexibility to take different vacations — from city excursions, international trips, event-based travel, outdoor adventures and more.

One Hilton Grand Vacations Owner, Gina P., has found that vacation ownership has increased the quantity and quality of her family vacations. Read on as she reflects on the sales presentation that hooked her, the benefits of timeshare with HGV and how vacation ownership has benefited her family. (Spoiler alert: The vacation possibilities are endless.)

Gina, a Hilton Grand Vacations Owner, and her husband take a selfie while on vacation in Lake Placid, New York 

The Presentation

Gina and her family first learned about Hilton Grand Vacations through a promotional package to Orlando when her children were young. “I truly loathed sales presentations,” she admitted with a laugh. “Typically, I only believe half of what I hear and find the salesperson pushy. I didn’t feel that way during the HGV presentation. I was inspired by the video part of the presentation that focused on all the travel possibilities.”

Like many potential Owners, cost was at the forefront of Gina’s mind. “The first time my husband and I heard about the benefits of HGV, we thought the price was a bit too steep. It wasn’t until the second presentation that we sat down, crunched the numbers and decided to pull the trigger in 2017. It made fiscal sense for us, almost like a prepaid expense versus something we needed to save for month over month.”

“Honestly, the more you wait, the more you’ll regret delaying when you finally purchase,” Gina advised. “I have scratched my head and said, ‘I should’ve done this sooner.’”

The Perks

Since then, vacation ownership with Hilton Grand Vacations has only fueled Gina’s travel bug. “I love to travel, so ownership allows us the opportunity to travel all over the world with a brand we trust.” Even though her husband was more of a homebody, the whole family was motivated to take more vacations because of HGV.

A group of dolphins swim in crystal-clear blue water 

“At first, I primarily purchased timeshare because of HGV’s Florida properties. Our kids were obsessed with Disney at the time, and we had family locally in Florida, so it seemed like a no-brainer,” Gina said.

While her home resort is SeaWorld® Orlando, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Gina and her family love exploring new destinations and resorts. “Each Hilton Grand Vacations location brilliantly creates experiences that our family can enjoy together — or keep children happily occupied so adults can enjoy time with each other.

She recalled one such vacation to Hawaii, when the family enjoyed golf, luaus, swimming with dolphins and more from two Hilton Grand Vacations resorts. “We were able to explore two different HGV properties — and two different experiences — in a single week. It’s one of the most memorable vacations yet.”

A lake and forested shore at Lake Placid, New York 

The Possibilities

Gina found that vacation ownership grew with her family, even as her kids grew up and wanted more adventure. “I love the flexibility ownership offers. We sometimes travel where there is no HGV resort, but several Hilton properties are nearby. I love that I can still enjoy the benefits of staying with a brand I trust using the flexibility of stretching and converting ClubPoints.” For example, Gina wrote about her trip to Lake Placid, New York, where she converted ClubPoints to Hilton Honors™ Points.

"Hilton Grand Vacations meets us where we are. Sometimes we like to stay at a resort. Sometimes we prefer a local hotel. Sometimes, an RCI® timeshare. With HGV, anything and everything is on the table."

—Gina P., Hilton Grand Vacations Owner

Gina’s final words of advice to anyone on the fence? “Discover HGV — you won't regret it. At first blush, vacation ownership may seem pricey. You might think it’s limiting only to stay with Hilton. But I encourage you to see that as a good thing. As Hilton Grand Vacations continues to grow, the opportunities will become endless.”

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