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Springtime in San Diego

With so many things to do, San Diego makes a perfect spring break getaway

Jon F
Father and kids looking out to the Pacific Ocean in a San Diego beach.

Living in Southern California has allowed my family to travel extensively around the greater San Diego area. With easy access down the I-5 from all the sights and sounds of the Los

Infographic explaining things to do in San Diego during springtime. 
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Angeles/Orange County area, San Diego is an amazing vacation destination.

Hilton Grand Vacations has three resorts in the northern San Diego County town of Carlsbad with easy access to the beach, LEGOLAND®, and the mass transit system that can take you anywhere you want to go.

Our family of five has stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacation resorts in Carlsbad multiple times.

There are three resorts to choose from, so find one that fits the adventure you want to take.

Where to Stay in San Diego: Hilton Grand Vacations Carlsbad Resorts

Hilton Grand Vacations Club at MarBrisa

This resort is a hit for families with small children. When my kids were younger, this was our go-to resort based off its location right next to LEGOLAND. 

In fact, MarBrisa even has a private back entrance into the park. 

Nothing beats being able to slide down a rear walkway deep into the back of the park away from all the crowds and not having to fight the parking lot rush. When my kids needed a quick rest or got hungry, we took the short walk back to our room to refresh for the evening in the park. 

MarBrisa offers up to 3-bedroom suites with a full kitchen. So, we’ve been able to invite friends and keep costs down by eating in, with our favorite stores close by. 

Grand Pacific Palisades Vacation Resort

The resort is beautiful, especially in the spring.

It sits directly next to the Flower Fields of Carlsbad Ranch. When in full bloom, the Flower Fields explode with fabulous ribbons of color directly on the western border of the resort. 

We loved staying here and being able to look off our balcony and see the nearly 50 acres of color.


We have some spectacular family pictures from our wagon rides through these fields throughout the years.

I highly recommend this resort, especially in March and April.

Carlsbad Seapointe Resort

Sitting right on the Pacific Coast with views of the seagulls flying by and the waves hitting the sand, Carlsbad Seapointe is a short walk to the beach and the Coaster train.

This resort has a premium location for relaxation and adventuring throughout San Diego. 

Things to do in San Diego

Ride the Coaster Train to Downtown

So you may be wondering what the Coaster train is? 

It is my family’s favorite transportation system up and down the coast.

The Carlsbad Poinsettia Station is within walking distance of the Seapointe Resort.


If your family is looking for a short fun trip, travel north to Carlsbad Village Station, where you can explore the shops, fountains, parks and restaurants in this popular area of Carlsbad.

For a longer, more scenic train ride, we have enjoyed adventuring south to downtown San Diego where we’ve transferred to their trolley system that travels to the popular destinations in town.

When we haven’t had the kids with us, we have enjoyed visiting the Gaslamp District near the Convention Center, with tons of food options for everyone, springtime flowers and the great nightlife. 

Located in that same area, is Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres baseball team.  Sitting in center field is a great hit as there are grass play areas for the kids, and the weather is typically mild in the spring. 

Another popular spot near downtown is Seaport Village and the Embarcadero, featuring shopping and food along the seafront. 

Just to the north within walking distance is the USS Midway, a retired aircraft carrier that offers public tours.

On one special occasion, we sat on the flight deck at night watching the movie Top Gun!

Check Out the San Diego Zoo & Balboa Park

You may prefer to travel by car to our favorite springtime spot, the world-famous San Diego Zoo. 

Located just east of downtown in Balboa Park, the zoo offers a massive amount of activities and exhibits.

Balboa Park also offers fantastic museums like the Museum of Man and San Diego Air and Space Museum, which my family has spent entire days exploring.


If you don’t mind driving a little further, don’t miss the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Located inland about an hour, animals run across open savannas with unprecedented views for all to see either on foot or by safari bus. 

The weather can get very hot in summer and fall, but spring offers almost perfect temperatures and very little chance of precipitation.

Visit La Jolla

The affluent, coastal city of La Jolla is just 20 miles south of your Hilton Grand Vacations home base, making it an easy day trip with tons of fun activities for the kids. 

La Jolla Cove features a beautiful, protected beach. It can be a bit on the cool side in the spring, but it’s a perfect for spotting packs of sea lions. 

My family enjoys marveling at these animals in the wild. 

If you travel north along the coast from La Jolla, you’ll find the Birch Aquarium.

Just uphill from the far end of the Visitor Parking Lot, you’ll find a hidden swing.

Overlooking the San Diego coastline, you can set up the perfect photo opportunity while swinging on a swing built for two (or three kiddos).


One last secret spot just south of Carlsbad, held in the month of June, is the San Diego County Fair. 

With anything and everything here for the entire family, the fair offers rides, food, exhibits, animals and evening concerts set right on the coast of Del Mar. 

We’ve enjoyed many days and nights exploring all San Diego County has to offer. 

San Diego has easily been our leading adventure destination in the spring. 

From the blooming Flower Fields to the open savannas of the Wild Animal Park, I highly recommend my favorite family vacation spots.Come away from the crowds of the greater Los Angeles area for a relaxing family atmosphere that keeps drawing my troop back time and time again.

Read on for more things to do during a getaway to Carlsbad.

Jon F

A Member at Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas, Jon knows how to maximize his HGV membership for the whole family. He’s a fire captain in Los Angeles by day and an outdoor adventurer when it comes to time away. He’s happiest when he’s hitting the slopes, hiking, and spending time with his family, especially at his favorite HGV resort: Valdoro Mountain Lodge in Breckenridge, Colorado. He and his wife, Jenny, travel with their three lovely kids: Eian, affectionately known as a “ball of fire,” Camryn who’s an avid animal lover, and Aiden, who’s overcoming hearing loss and Autism to become a world traveler. As an Explorer, it’s one of Jon’s greatest passions to encourage other families to plan their own adventures.

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