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Before You “Google” Milestone Trip Ideas, Consider Spending Milestone Moments With Hilton Grand Vacations

One Owner shares one of her favorite benefits of timeshare — milestone trips

Kassi P.
Stunning sunet views behind palm tree silohouettes, Big Island, Hawaii.

On March 17, 2018, my husband headed into our Hilton Grand Vacations Sales Presentation — confident that we’d be in and out. If you’ve read some of my previous blog posts, you might recall that we were extremely skeptical leading up to our presentation. 

But on that day, we decided to invest in a future filled with travel, and since joining the Hilton Grand Vacations family, we’ve never looked back. 

Did I mention that it was also St. Patrick’s Day? We've been celebrating with Hilton Grand Vacations from the start. And since then, we’ve experienced some of life’s biggest milestone moments: an engagement, our wedding and honeymoon, a new home purchase, and so much in-between. 

Hilton Grand Vacations Owners snapping selfie, DUMBO, New York, New York.    

As I look back at all those memories, I’ve realized that many of these milestone moments have a common thread – celebrating with our Hilton Grand Vacations family. 

So, where have we stayed during these milestone moments? 

The Engagement: West 57th Street, a Hilton Club

New York, New York

Oh, New York! The Big Apple is one of my favorite vacation spots. That fact solidified even more when my husband and I got engaged in DUMBO in 2018. (I highly recommend DUMBO as a proposal spot if anyone is planning that special moment in their lives). 

And West 57th Street was such an incredible location to tie back to this memory. Little did I know, the day before our engagement, my soon-to-be husband was sneaking the ring into his coat pocket while I luxuriously soaked in the amazing bathtub. Thank goodness for my wanting to enjoy all of the amenities in our room.

Honeymoon: Elara, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club, and Ocean Tower, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club

Hilton Grand Vacations Owners' "Mrs. and Mr." tumblers, picturesque tropical background, Big Island, Hawaii.    

Las Vegas, Nevada, and Big Island, Hawaii

These two destinations were seriously the best choice for our honeymoon. We alternate between “urban” travel and “relaxation” travel – and by combining Vegas and the Big Island on the same vacation, we got the best of both worlds. 

What we loved about Elara was the proximity to everything on the Strip. From shows to restaurants, everything was literally at our fingertips. As for Ocean Tower, all I can say is, wow. The views, room and that Ohana (family) feeling — nothing can beat that. 

And the best part of all? The Hilton Grand Vacations staff truly made us feel so special at each of these resorts, and you can tell that they take pride in what they do day in and day out.

30th Birthday + New Home: Las Palmeras, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club         

Orlando, Florida         

Lastly, if you’ve seen any of my other blog posts, I love a staycation. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by several incredible Hilton Grand Vacations resorts in Orlando, and we certainly take advantage of that. 

Lately, we can’t get enough of Las Palmeras. This location holds a special place in our hearts for a couple of reasons. First, it’s where we celebrated my “milestone” 30th birthday – sitting outside at a poolside table with a bottle of wine (my type of celebration). 

We opened a 29-year-old bottle of wine on my last day as a 29-year-old, making it even more special. I’ll keep that memory ingrained in my mind forever. And more recently, we decided to celebrate closing our first home together in style at Las Palmeras. 

We truly love that we’ve been able to grow and experience life through our Hilton Grand Vacations ownership. And with many more milestones in the future, we can’t wait to see where vacation ownership takes us.

Read "7 Ways to Celebrate with Hilton Grand Vacations" for more milestone trip ideas.  

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Hilton Grand Vacations Owner, Kassi P.

Kassi P.

Kassi is a three-time Explorer and Owner since 2018, when she and her husband, then in their late 20's, decided vacation ownership was the next step in building a life filled with travel. As Orlando locals, they enjoy staycations and exploring The City Beautiful, but have never actually stayed at their home resort, Hilton Grand Vacations at Tuscany Village.  

When she's not using her ClubPoints in Florida, this urban traveler has a love of international travel and a sweet spot for her second home — New York City, which is where she got engaged while staying at West 57th Street by Hilton Club. When asked about her long run in the Explorer program, Kassi says, "It's my goal to inspire someone to create new memories, get out and travel and make the most out of vacation ownership."

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