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One Owner talks travel in uncertain times

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Many may feel as though the only certainty is the uncertainty of today's world. Recently, Dr. Morgan Rahimi gave our readers ways to continue to live during this moment in time.

"Cherish the things that are important to you. Treat every day as a gift and enjoy it to the max."

— Dr. Morgan Rahimi

As Hilton Grand Vacations resorts re-open and we begin to resume normalcy, serving our Owners and guests, we followed her advice.

We connected with one of the first Owners we welcomed back, Carol G., to learn more about her travel experience. 

HGV: How long have you been a Hilton Grand Vacations Owner?

Carol G.: I became an Owner in 2014, and we own timeshares in Myrtle Beach and Hawaii.

HGV: You were one of the first Owners to stay with us after reopening. How did you know you'd be safe traveling with Hilton Grand Vacations? 

Carol G.: I know I can trust that Hilton Grand Vacations is going to take care of its Owners and ensure that we have a clean and safe place to stay.

HGV: What did you see around the property or in your room that gave you peace mind? 

Carol G.: The sticker seal on our room door and the team members cleaning the elevators while wearing face coverings gave us peace of mind. There was signage reminding people to be safe. I appreciated that they washed all of the dishes in the dishwasher and left them in the dishwasher so that we knew all of the dishes were clean for us. Lastly, providing us with face coverings and hand sanitizer was an extra step I didn't expect but greatly appreciated.

HGV: As you start to travel again, will Hilton Grand Vacations be at the top of your list? If so, why? 

Carol G.: Our first trip was to Orlando to take care of some business, and we knew we definitely wanted to stay with Hilton Grand Vacations because we know you are committed to taking care of us. We have other trips planned where HGV is not available — we are still waiting to see if we will take those trips.

HGV: What's your favorite Hilton Grand Vacations travel memory?

Carol G.: When we walked into the room at Ocean Tower in Hawaii, the room and the view wowed us immediately. It was so amazing! All of the beautiful places to relax around the resort were incredible. We rented a car on-site and drove around the island, and it was just wonderful. I loved every minute we were there!

HGV: If you had to pick three reasons you love your Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare, what would they be?

Carol G.: I feel like it’s our home away from home because we have everything we need for an awesome visit every time. We love the ease of booking online. And most importantly, we love it because it helps us take trips to explore the United States (and beyond!) that we might not have made. As retirees, Hilton Grand Vacations gets us out of the house and into this beautiful world. 

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