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Benefits of Timeshare

One Hilton Grand Vacations Owner Busts A Few Timeshare Myths

This Hilton Grand Vacations Owner is going places with HGV Max

The Vacationeer
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Your vision for vacation is unique to you and your family. And it can evolve over time. That’s why freedom and flexibility are among the top benefits of timeshare. They’re also two big reasons why Hilton Grand Vacations Owner Edwin B. set his sights on the suite life.

Hilton Grand Vacations Owner, posing, cruise vacation picture.    

This Is Hilton Grand Vacations Timeshare For Real

Edwin loves to travel, and making time to take trips is an important mission in his life. It’s the reason he considered vacation ownership more than two decades ago. He’s also heard plenty of timeshare myths through the years — and he’s happy to bust them.

"I had a timeshare with a different company many years ago, when I was much younger,” Edwin recalls. “I used it for a few years, but I ended up selling it.”

Twenty years later, Edwin had the chance to travel with Hilton Grand Vacations. 

“I stayed at Sedona Summit, a Hilton Vacation Club, on a package offer, and that's how it started again,” he shared. 

"Timeshare has evolved for the better to offer more flexibility."

— Edwin B., Member since 2019 

"Some people will tell you it's a bad product and to avoid it, but you have to have realistic expectations,” Edwin explained. “Everybody can't go to Hawaii at a beachfront property the week of Christmas or New Year's.” 

“But I've always had the mindset that if I want to go somewhere, I just see what's available. And ordinarily, I find a very nice place to travel to."

Hilton Grand Vacations Owner, posing, vacation picture.   

"The other thing about timeshare is people complain about maintenance fees, but that's part of owning any property,” Edwin continued. “If you own a vacation home, you'd still have to pay ongoing maintenance costs on an additional real estate holding whether you used it or not."

Make Way For More Options With HGV Max

It didn’t take long for Edwin to consider making the upgrade to HGV Max. He was looking for more options and wanted to go further with his membership.

"The number one reason I upgraded to HGV Max is the portfolio of properties."

— Edwin B. 

“You get access to the entire portfolio of Hilton brands,” he explained. “I knew if I wanted to travel to New York City, Chicago, California or Park City, there were properties in those destinations — so more access and more travel options was part of the decision.” 

“The other attractive thing is with HGV Max and the Hilton Honors™ Points conversion, you now have a vehicle to stay at even more places,” he explained. “Plus, you have more options when scheduling your stay. Now I can stay one night, versus the previous minimum two-night stay. It's all about the perks.”

For Edwin, opening the door to more with HGV Max made a difference: more choices, more possibilities, more adventures and more memories.         

Loving The Vacation Ownership Life

When it comes to vacation, Edwin is all about flexibility, frequency and freedom.

“My main goal in retirement was to have more free time to travel,” he said. “For most of my retirement years, I've traveled at least 13 weeks — some as many as 26 weeks — of the year using my membership.”

Edwin has some favorite spots he likes to frequent.         

"We have eight weeks in Hawaii — the Big Island, Kona and Oahu — that's very enjoyable,” he shared. “We can stay for weeks, relax and not feel like we've got to squeeze so much stuff into a one-week vacation. We also love Cabo Azul, a Hilton Vacation Club, and go there probably twice a year.”

Stunning aerial image, lagoon, Oahu, Hawaii.   

The seasons also inspire his choices for top travel destinations. 

“We live in Phoenix and it's hot, so we go to Lake Tahoe or Park City in the summer. However, we love both destinations during ski season, too.”

What’s next on Edwin’s bucket list? Well, he’s ready to set sail.      

“We'll be using Points for a couple of cruises,” he said. “First, we'll take a New England and Canada cruise from Boston. It goes to Montreal and down the Saint Lawrence River.

Then, we have a cruise to Greece and the Mediterranean, embarking out of Rome this fall.” 

Many Ways To Maximize Your Points

Points pave the way for unforgettable getaways. That’s why Edwin finds ways to use his wisely. His approach helps him go farther and travel more often — so he can make the most of every vacation day.

Edwin likes to look for drive-to destinations, so he can save on air travel.

Hilton Grand Vacations Owner posing in snow, vacation picture.    

“I've been able to maximize my membership because I really understand the Points and know how to maximize my benefits,” he explained. “For instance, there are many places where you don't have to hop on a plane and buy an expensive ticket to visit. I like to drive, too.”

He also enjoys finding weekday deals, because when you travel is just as important as where you go.

“Another way to stretch your Points is to stay five nights on weekdays. Check-in on a Sunday and check-out on a Friday. Your Points go further if you don't stay over the weekend.” 

Additionally, Edwin keeps an open mind. Planning a trip is part of the fun. So he considers the timing, then looks for the destination.

Edwin said, “I choose a travel period I want to travel, and then I see what's available. More often than not, I find a neat place that I enjoy going to.” 

For more tips on how to use your Points, check out “From Bucket List Trips To Retirement Plans, One Hilton Grand Vacations Owner Proves A Solid Points Strategy Is Everything.” 

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